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Shock Absorbers

shockabsorbersYour vehicle’s suspension system is effectively a complex series of components designed to work together to limit the vibrations and undulations from the road surface, providing a mooth, controlled and comfortable driving experience.

The principle suspension components include a coil spring and shock absorber or dampener as it is sometimes referred to. These components are fitted to each of the four corners of your vehicle and work together to dampen down and cushion the vehicle by absorbing the impact from potholes and other minor imperfections in the road.  This keeps your vehicle stable and your tyres firmly in contact with the road surface for the maximum amount of time.

In order for your vehicles braking system to work most effectively the tyres need to be in contact with the road on all types of surfaces and conditions. In fact, at 30mph, worn shock absorbers can add up to 2 meters to your braking distance!

It is not always obvious that a problem in your vehicle suspension system is present. This is generally due to a gradual loss of performance in the principle suspension parts and because this happens over time a motorist may not always feel the gradual decrease in suspension performance.

November 1, 2013 3:10 pm

Your Breaks

breaksAlong with your tyres, your brakes are probably the most important components of your car.
When you press the brake pedal, hydraulic fluid is forced down to the calipers in each wheel, causing the pads to press against the discs
and making sure that you and your passengers can stop safely in case of an emergency, or even in everyday driving conditions. Because of the high amount of wear they undergo, both your brake pads and your brake shoes will eventually wear out and need replacing. lt’s a false economy to keep driving with worn brakes as you’ll eventually do damage to other brake components, which could also lead to brake failure.

Regular brake checks are an important part of any vehicle preventative maintenance plan. Brake checks can identify a problem before it begins to impact your braking efficiency, thus providing an opportunity to restore the effectiveness of your vehicle’s braking system to its intended operating performance. The effects of a sudden brake failure can be devastating.

Your vehicle will also fail its NCT test if braking efficiency is below specification.


November 1, 2013 3:03 pm

Tip of the week

The correct tyre pressure is vital for both safety and for extending the life of your tyre.
You should check your tyre pressures monthly, including the spare and before any long distance
driving. Please drop into any of our Nolan Tyre Service Centre any time for a FREE tyre
pressure check

– Higher tyre temperature which increases tyre wear and decreases mileage performance
– High rolling resistance which increases fuel consumption
– In extreme cases this can also lead to tyre damage
An over inflated tyre can generate:
– Increases slip, lower grip
– Greater wear on the central part of the tyre
– Altered driving performance
– Reduced tyre lifetime

If tyre pressure is 20% too low, its mileage performance is reduced by 19% and fuel
consumption will increase by 2%
If tyre pressure is 20% too high, mileage performance is reduced by 22%

Under inflated tyres can not only overheat, increasing the chances of it bursting, but also lead to
poor handling of your vehicle. Low pressure on the front axle will increase understeer, whereas
low pressure on the rear axle will increase oversteer both of which can be dangerous.
Please feel free to drop into any of our Nolan Tyres Service Centres to avail of free safety checks
to help you get the most from your tyres and your vehicle.

November 1, 2013 2:55 pm